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Android App Localization: Key Steps

24 mins read

Key steps for android app localization

You might be a beginner developer making your first Android app or an experienced programmer adding to your dozen or so other Android apps. But the main question is: who are you making this app for? This article will help you learn the key steps for the localization of Android applications and reaching new markets.

What’s New at Crowdin: July 2022

7 mins read

July 2022 Crowdin product updates

More apps and connectors for your localization team, a new GraphQL API, and a fresh editor grid view to display more information for translators and proofreaders. In July, we released a lot of updates for you to get your hands on, from new apps like Miro, Appsmith, and Hygraph to features like bundles that allow you to export translations for multiple platforms by generating different files formats.

Let’s dive into the July edition of Crowdin product updates.

Multilingual Marketing Strategy: Key Steps

20 mins read

Marketing applications for multilingual marketing

Once your product is localized, your customers might expect other interactions with your brand to be in their native language. That’s the point where you should consider localizing your marketing assets, including your website, emails, blog, store listings, in-app notifications, ad banners, and other user-facing content. Also, the most crucial part of a multilingual marketing approach is figuring out what the client wants and adapting your offer to the needs of each market.

How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

5 mins read

How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

To connect more than 1.4 million seniors, families, friends, and caregivers in all 50 states of the USA and 120 countries worldwide, GrandPad relies on the Crowdin localization management platform. By utilizing a combination of machine engine pre-translation, professional translation services, and content delivery automation, GrandPad has been able to scale its growth while maintaining a personalized approach and close relationship with its customers.

In this article, we’ll cover the story of how GrandPad uses Crowdin to grow their business, succeed in their tablet and two mobile app localization into 30+ languages and launch the product in 120 countries.

Internationalization vs. Localization: The Difference Between l10n and I18n

16 mins read

Localization vs. Internationalization

Are you looking for a way to offer your product worldwide? Then you probably already have come across terms like “internationalization” and “localization.” Let’s talk more about these steps of taking your product global.

What’s New at Crowdin: June 2022

13 mins read

June 2022 Crowdin product updates

This June was full of updates. Starting from now, you can configure more than 20 webhooks for different types of events related to file and project changes, source strings and translation strings modification, task management, and more. Do more with your translation strings by using the new advanced filter option and the feature that allows you to delete all translations into one or a few languages.

Plus, we’ve got some new apps like HubSpot CMS, Magento and Crowdin Translation Companion plugin for multilingual support. The plugin will help you translate messages from customers and your responses to provide better customer support. We also introduced a Developer Portal, so you can learn about CLI, API, and most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin.

Multilingual SEO: Why It Is Important

8 mins read

Multilingual SEO: Why It Is Important

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google”. This funny quote is guaranteed to get some laughs out of your audience every time you use it. But the hard truth is that the first result in Google does get almost a third of all clicks. So if you want your website to have a chance of success, this is what you should be aiming for. To get to that dreamy first results page, companies and website owners resort to Search Engine Marketing strategies, combining paid ads campaigns with seriously optimized content to drive traffic and ultimately convert users into clients. In this article, you’ll learn why SEO efforts shouldn’t stick to only one language and how you can significantly improve your SEO results by thinking global.

Multilingual Support: Why Do You Need It?

17 mins read

Why you need multillingual knowledbase

If you’re reading this article, you probably want to know why you need multilingual support when working with customers worldwide. You are well aware that English is the most spoken language globally. But English is in third place in terms of the number of people who speak it. At the top of this list, you can find Chinese and Spanish.

Also, Internet World Stats says that most Internet users live in China and India. And more than 1 billion people in each of these countries. In Europe, where people speak 20+ languages – the population is about 740 million. While in the US, this figure is over 330 million people. Just compare each market’s size and how many more people you can reach by adding more languages.

If your target audience is in the US or UK, you do not need to think about multilingual support. But if you have clients from Europe and other non-English-speaking countries, create appropriate language versions. The percentage of people who know English in a country may be minimal, and knowledge in other languages is an advantage. Here’s the information on why you need multilingual customer service, its benefits, and how to do it.

Software Localization: Taking Your Product to the Next Level

12 mins read

Software Localization: Taking Your Product to the Next Level

Do you want your software to be used all over the world? If your answer is yes, it’s time to think about localization. Localizing your software is a crucial step if you set your sights on global success.

In this article, you can learn the basics of the software localization process and how multilingual software ensures an efficient and cost-effective expansion of your product around the world.

What’s New at Crowdin: May 2022

8 mins read

May 2022 Crowdin product updates

More than 20 new apps. Refreshed UI and feature to help you manage strings on a multilingual view in the Editor. One more machine translation engine on the list. All of that and more. Read on to learn about Crowdin’s latest integration with Miro, Airtable, Notion, Typedream, Ditto.

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