Localization Tips and Product Updates

Localization at Avast: Continuous Translation Based on Teamwork and Collaboration

11 mins read

Continuous localization and collaboration of the Avast team in Crowdin

Jakub Lepič is Senior Localization Specialist at global cybersecurity company Avast, whose antivirus solutions help over 435 million users stay safe online and protect their digital freedom.

In this Crowdin blog, Jakub talks about the team, the technology and the solutions behind Avast’s localization operations, and his own journey from a technology-minded language graduate to a localization professional.

Continuous Localization: The Flexibility It Gives You

4 mins read

Continuous Localization: The Agility It Gives You

Updates are an integral part of modern products. When it comes to localization, new content typically needs to be translated monthly, weekly, or even more often. It might sound like a difficult task if your localization workflow is not ready. Exchanging source files and translations back and forth with a translation agency is no longer an option. As in this case, the release date depends solely on the translation team. No worries, you can still regain control over the localization process and release dates.

Can localization run in parallel with development or start at the design stage? The simple answer is – yes. In our newly published e-book, we dive into continuous localization and outline the top benefits of this approach for different teams within a company.

What’s New at Crowdin: September 2021

12 mins read

September 2021 product updates

Take a look at what Crowdin has been up to this month. We rolled out the Iterable, FunTranslation, and ReversoContext apps, updated design plugins, added a task filter to the cost estimate reports and improved a number of API methods.

In this article, you can also read more about new options to manage notifications for translators and project managers, a way to list strings from a specific branch, updated API clients, and more. Let’s jump into it.

Crowdin Quick Take: 3 Key Metrics for Localization Success

6 mins read

Measuring localization success

Localization success is not just about linguistic accuracy, it’s about customer engagement and using localization to drive brand value and market wins.

This Crowdin Quick Take brings you 3 key metrics for localization success and answers the question, “How do you know if your languages are doing well?”

Ensure Quality Translations with QA Checks

8 mins read

Ensure Quality Translations with QA Checks

Quality is fundamental. Translation errors, however small, can have a big impact on your product’s success. They can have a negative impact on your relationships with clients and your company’s reputation. Setting up the initial translation quality checks in Crowdin takes little time at the start and saves you time later.

Localization at Wrike: It’s All about Scalability and Automation

11 mins read

Wrike automates localization & translation processes with Crowdin

Ivan Pugin is Localization Team Lead at Wrike, developers of project management software with a mission to help companies to be as productive as they can. At Wrike, Ivan and his colleagues have set up localization processes from scratch, seen the company’s growth from a start-up to a global player, and its acquisition by Citrix in early 2021.

In this blog, Ivan talks about setting localization up from scratch, his passion for automation, Wrike’s localization metrics, and the next steps for his small but perfectly formed team.

9 Features for Making the Most of Crowdin

10 mins read

9 features for making the most of Crowdin

Get the best out of Crowdin and localize your product smarter with features available on the project settings, online editor, and resources tab.

Different teams may apply the same feature differently – they just need to experiment a bit to figure out what works best for each. That’s why we would like to round up some Crowdin features you might not know about to help your localization team enjoy our tool to the fullest.

What's New at Crowdin: August 2021

8 mins read

August 2021 Roundup

Let’s review the last month of the summer for the updates and new features that will help you automate localization with Crowdin. In August, we updated our project view, released new versions of Sketch and VS Code plugins, added new support options and the FTL format.

Keep reading to find out more about the recent updates.

Leverage Translation Memory to Get Translations Faster and Lower the Costs

8 mins read

Leverage Translation Memory to Get Translations Faster and Lower the Costs

Translation memory allows you to use existing translations from previously translated content, rather than retranslating the same segments. This technology allows the human translator to focus on non-localized strings. Save time and allocate your budget to translate unique and important content. Keep reading to learn how you can manage your TMs and get even more benefits from them.

Crowdin + Intercom: Help Center Articles Localization

7 mins read

Crowdin + Intercom: Help Center Articles Localization

Help centers are a significant way to educate people about your product and communicate with them. Localizing your articles to clients’ native language is essential for this, as this way you can reach more people and build stronger relationships. Read on to find out how and what kind of content from your help center you can localize with our new Intercom app.