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What’s New at Crowdin: December 2021

14 mins read

December 2021 product updates

Hope your 2022 started off well. Due to the holiday hustle and bustle, you may have missed some updates, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In December, we introduced a new multilingual editor mode that simplifies translating and proofreading to multiple languages at once. We also released 20 new apps, 9 of which are connectors with top email marketing tools and make translation for Unreal Engine developers even more efficient.

Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin

13 mins read

Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

As we approach the end of the year, everyone at Crowdin is focused on what’s next for 2022. Ambitious goals, a roster of new product updates and improvements.

This is the perfect time for us to look back and reflect on our achievements, everything we released – from custom notifications and security features to Crowdin Store with over 100 apps, plugins for localization at the design stage, and more.

Data Security: Crowdin Is Now ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

7 mins read

Data Security: Crowdin Is Now ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Crowdin is now officially an ISO 27001-certified company.

As a team, we want to build not only a platform that will help your product reach new markets, but also be sure that your data is safe, so security plays a major role in what we do. It’s an integral part of how we work, handle customer data, and develop our product. We pay attention to hardware, organization, software, and network security to ensure your localization path at Crowdin, from registration to downloading your translations, is safe.

Read on to learn more about security at Crowdin.

CakePHP Translation: Agile Localization for Developers

9 mins read

CakePHP Translation: Agile Localization for Developers

CakePHP is an open-source web framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns. It is generally used for handling web applications, the huge library support in CakePHP makes the development clear and easy.

This article will discover CakePHP translation basics, how Crowdin can help you keep the localization process agile and handle the translation of constant app updates.

What’s New at Crowdin: November 2021

12 mins read

November 2021 product updates

At Crowdin, we have recently celebrated reaching 2 million users, but it is not the only exciting announcement. November is full of updates and new apps. The latest changes in the marketplace – include 7 new apps (Shopify, Help Scout, MailUp, and more) and 2 Crowdin apps. We updated DVCS integrations so that you can instantly sync selected branches. Also, you can add more meta information to TM records, add the same string to several files simultaneously, and more.

Game Localization: How to Succeed

9 mins read

Game Localization: How to Succeed

From the early days of computer games and the first versions of Nintendo and Sony PlayStation, technology evolved significantly, now video game sector is incredibly large and even broader than the movie and music industries. Even though it doesn’t receive the same public attention, there are over three billion gamers worldwide. It’s 38% of the world’s population.

Localizing games allows you to improve your sales, increase the number of downloads, satisfy your international players, keep your place in a competitive market, and boost your App Store rating.

Localization at Trustpilot: Where UX Meets Translation

12 mins read

Localization with Crowdin at Trustpilot

Ida Giersing is Head of Localization and Copywriting at Trustpilot, the online customer review platform that seeks to become a universal symbol of trust by bringing businesses and consumers together under the tagline Behind every review is an experience that matters.

In this blog, Ida talks about a third culture kid finding a home in localization, UX writing and localization under the same roof, and how to apply technology in the service of language.

Celebrating 2 Million Users

4 mins read

Celebrating 2 Million Users

We’re excited to announce Crowdin has reached 2 million users.

Along with this, we’ve achieved a great deal in the past few years. We have built many great integrations, worked with wonderful people, and helped many amazing companies.

Today people from over 170 countries use Crowdin to translate, proofread, manage localization projects, make their products multilingual, and go global.

Early-stage startups and scale-ups like Discord, GitHub, Wrike, and AssessFirst entrust their localization to our platform.

Django Translation: Agile Localization for Developers

8 mins read

Django Translation: Agile Localization for Developers

Let’s discover Django translation basics and the importance of a localized version of the app for your users.

A language switcher is usually the first or one of the first things you check if the app language is not handled automatically by your location. Moreover, it became a standard expectation for all top-tier apps to have a multilingual interface.

In this article, we’ll cover the localization peculiarities of Django-based apps and how to localize your web app efficiently, considering not only the app features you have now, but the future updates too.

What's New at Crowdin: October 2021

12 mins read

October 2021 Roundup

New month, new list of updates from Crowdin. In October, we published our first e-book on continuous localization, released 9 new apps (connectors with MT, TM services, marketing tools, and more). A few Editor improvements include guess translation and numeric equivalence features. Also, we talked about localization at Avast with their Senior Localization Specialist.

Let’s take a look at what’s new at Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise in October.

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