Using Glossary to Keep Translations Swift and Consistent

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Glossary feature in Crowdin

The more people are translating your project, the less time it takes to receive results, no one can doubt that. But there’s no guarantee that translations made by several different people will be consistent in the matters of the tone of voice, wording, and terminology usage. A glossary is one of the resources that should be added to help your translators with an understanding of the key terminology and how should it be translated.

The main benefits a translation Glossary for your localization project

Before starting a localization project a great idea would be to add a Glossary that your translators would be able to use. Glossary usually includes a list of words and phrases that are:

  • industry-specific
  • commonly used across your product
  • not to be translated
  • abbreviations
  • acronyms

Each Glossary entry can include additional information such as approved translation, part of speech, and definition. Adding a Glossary to your project takes a few clicks, but the benefits are considerable.

Enhances translation quality and accuracy

A Glossary helps translators make fewer mistakes, by showing the approved translations or giving recommendations for translation of the specified words and phrases. Thus every translator will be able to use the same approved translation or make their own translation following the given explanations and guidelines.

Speeds up the translation process

Translation team works faster with a Glossary as they have more translation guidelines to follow. They’ll be able to simply copy the approved term translations or use less time researching the meaning of the term to convey it properly, as they already have an explanation of the term. Consistent translations leave less editing work for a translator to do. You will also be able to Pre-Translate more strings via Translation Memory, as more of them will share the same terminology.

Assists with maintaining a consistent brand voice

Whether in the original English or localized versions, your product should sound and feel the same. This means that some of the product-specific terms should be used without changes across all the languages, some other terms should be translated using colloquial or professional speech. Consistency also should be kept across all the product including the main pages, notifications, tooltip text, titles, and help documentation. A glossary helps to achieve such consistency in the means of terminology used and as a result, the product provides a better user experience.

Use Glossary in Crowdin for your benefit

A Glossary in Crowdin is a separate feature available on all plans, that automatically highlights the terms and shows all the additional information provided with the term entry during translation in the Editor. If you already have a Glossary, you can simply upload your file to Crowdin, or if you don’t have one yet – you can add terms it in the Project Settings, Glossary tab.

Term highlighting in the Editor

Include a part of speech, definition, and approved translations

Each Glossary entry can include the following information:

  • term
  • part of speech
  • definition
  • translation

Glossary term details

The term and additional information you provided will be displayed for each translator and proofreader in the Editor. The term itself is highlighted in the source string, and the term entry will appear once you hover over this term. The full searchable list of terms is always available in the Terms tab of the Editor. This way, translators will know whether words like “comment” are used as a noun or as a verb, learn what “repository” means and how should it be translated into their language.

Term highlighting in the Editor

Translate your Glossary

If you already have a Glossary, but do not have the approved translations for each term yet – not a problem. Simply upload your Glossary into Crowdin and select the Translate Glossary checkbox and your translators will be able to translate the Glossary in the Editor. Ready translations will be added to the term entries automatically.

Translate Glossary checkbox

Let Crowdin take care of the term forms

There certainly are words in your product that are used in a different form depending on the context and location. That is why all the word forms of the Glossary terms are highlighted in the Editor. So, there’s no need to add all the word forms manually. For example, a Glossary term “contact”, will also be highlighted when used in the plural form – “contacts”.

Share Glossaries between projects

You can easily share Glossaries between the projects you manage and own. Glossary Share feature allows you to use the same Glossary between several projects that have a similar topic or share the same terminology.

Here’s a link to our helpful Knowledge Base article to learn more about the Glossary in Crowdin.

Khrystyna Humenna

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