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A multilingual website is a great way to appeal to millions of potential customers around the world. What if we say that website translation does not require busy engineers’ involvement and a tedious preparation process?

Crowdin introduces JS Proxy – technology aimed at helping teams localize websites effortlessly. No manual source content export or translation copy-pasting.

Translate your Website on WordPress, Webflow, Joomla, or any Similar Tool using JS Proxy

You are not confined to any specific website building and hosting services. Be it localization of ReadMe, HelpScout Docs, Drupal, Unbounce, Helpjuice, Wix, Squarespace, or any other static web-based content. JS Proxy is a perfect tool to handle it all for you.

The very basic tenet of this technology is the following: scanning your webpages, recognizing the translatable content, and extracting it in a localizable format. Synchronization is fully automated. No tech alterations to your website and production environment.

Scanning your website to generate a file with source texts

On the surface, the process appears like a scanner crawling pages to recognize some text for its consecutive rendering. Translations distribution is triggered by a single JavaScript snippet. Putting it short: it’s not more complicated than adding Google Analytics tracking code to your website via Tag Manager.

Website Localization Has Never Been Easier

Unlike other methods of making your website multilingual, JS Proxy requires little to no help from developers. Nor special preparations on the side of your content management system (CMS) and application.

  • No tedious groundwork. We have got it covered with the .json file format – one of the most localization-friendly auto-generated file formats.
  • No direct access, requests, and content pushed to your staging/production environment. Be independent of the code and let the code be autonomous.
  • Source content import with a single click.
  • Localization management – you are free to go with a translation agency or an in-house translation team. To name a few translation strategies.
  • QA checks, glossaries, context, reports, wordcount, and team activity are all covered as well. Without tons of files, in a single workspace.
  • One button to distribute new languages. Release translations once you are ready.
  • The translated content is stored at our CDN storage and immediately reachable for your end users.
  • Stop using whenever you feel to – translated content is still all yours. No way for vendor lock.

Multilingual Website with JS Proxy: Quick Guide

JS Proxy add-on is free and available at Crowdin Marketplace.

It is totally up to you if the source content and translations should be running between the tool where your source content is stored and your Crowdin project only per your request or automatically every day.

Import Your Source Content

No changes to your website at this phase. Simply share the website URL, and the source texts will be imported. The system will automatically generate new distribution and a custom JavaScript snippet.

Once this initial synchronization is over, the content becomes available in the Files section of your Crowdin project as a .json file and ready to be translated. You may start with a single page and add more along with the localization flow.

Make sure to hit the Import button to bring new sources or update the existing ones.

Publish Translations

Ready for releasing translations to your website? Here is only one step – add the automatically created JavaScript snippet to your website.

This snippet can be inserted at the header of your source content file like HTML. Although, some content management services and website builders suggest a separate place to work with the code. For example, WordPress has the Header and Footer Scripts plugin, Helpjuice – Customize settings, Webflow – Custom Code option.

The language switcher will appear for your end users in the lower right corner of your webpage.

Use the Distribute button to populate translations.

Over-the-air translations

Translations Release under the Hood

JS Proxy is made to avoid all technical subtleties: no need to create a distribution manually or share the distribution hash. Still, when using the add-on, you might encounter a few new notions – CDN and Over-the-air delivery (OTA).

To deliver localization magic, JS Proxy uses over-the-air delivery (OTA). The method applied to share new or updated translations instantly from your Crowdin project to your side. It’s done via Crowdin servers once you click the Release/Distribute button.

This Crowdin distribution server – CDN – mirrors your translated content, making it accessible across many languages.

Do you happen to be a tech person who likes to keep control over all processes? API endpoints for releasing translated content are at your service.

Get Started with Localization of Your Website

Now you know how to make your website available in different languages to reach a broader audience. Go ahead to set up the JS Proxy app in your Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise account in minutes. You can also request a demo to observe this add-on in action and discuss it with our team.

Make your website multilingual with Crowdin

Reach a wider audience by speaking their language. Start your free 14-day trial of Crowdin.
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