Use Screenshots to Get Translations Relevant to Your App

7 mins read

Screenshots provide context to the text for translation

Did you know that simply great translations might not always be the same as relevant to your app translations? Accurate translations depend on many factors such as the translation team you choose, quality of the source strings, the context you provide your translators with, and many other things. Companies usually concentrate on the first two and often overlook the importance of providing their translators with context. Which tends to result in poor quality translations or the ones that aren’t relevant to your app.

Make Sure Developers Keep up with Mistakes in the Source Strings

2 mins read

Now you can integrate your project in Crowdin with JIRA. This simplifies communication about mistakes in the source strings between translators and developers. Translators report mistake in the source string issues in Crowdin. Developers instantly know about them, because each becomes a sub-task in JIRA automatically. Once the mistakes are fixed and the strings in Crowdin are updated translators would be able to get down to making relevant translations. This way the localization process in your project would go faster.

Crowdin Hits a Million Registered Users!

1 min read

In 2015 we were pretty excited to reach 500 000 of registered users. Well, we just reached another milestone. But we can’t really say we are happy about it. Because we are more than happy — we are thrilled! Thrilled to tell you that just in 2 years the number of registered users doubled!

Save Your Time & Be Productive by Managing Localization with Updated Reports

6 mins read

We’re pretty excited to share the news: project managers, owners, proofreaders, and translators get the updated reports today! They are much easier to use, have a cleaner UI and a few new features. We also reviewed all of your suggestions for improvement of reports and implemented the most requested ones. We believe that you’ll be able to increase your productivity and manage the work on the project better using the updated reports.

Manage the Translation Process Wisely with the Help of Tasks

1 min read

Tasks are the way for you to stay on top of things, get the needed work done in time, make sure both translators and proofreaders know what to do, and the work is split equally, so the progress goes faster.

Great News: You Can Get a Crowdin Plugin for Android Studio

1 min read

Do you work in Android Studio? If your answer is yes, then we have some pretty exciting news to share.

GitLab. One More Integration to Our List!

1 min read

Crowdin and GitLab are working together to speed up, elaborate, and advance your localization process.

New Crowdin CLI is Coming!

2 mins read

Crowdin is ready to present a tool we’ve been working on quite a time – brand new CLI client based on Java technology intended to simplify your files syncing.

ICU Syntax in Crowdin

3 mins read

Wonderful news to welcome: up from now Crowdin is even more accessible to internationalization and localization! We implemented the best ICU syntax support on the market, considerably mature localization tool, which can advance high-quality translations for your projects. Just check it out!

Crowdin Integration with Desk!

1 min read

Great news for Crowdin & Desk users!

Crowdin and are in the same league which means a mitigation of the pitfalls that users experience when trying to deal with translations of the Knowledge base.

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