Localization at iLovePDF: Product and Marketing Content Translation into 25 Languages

8 mins read

Product Localization and Marketing Content Translation

Anna Rubio is the Marketing Manager at iLovePDF, a document management service that allows users to read, convert, annotate, and sign PDFs online, on desktop and mobile, free of charge. In this blog, Anna talks about bringing digital marketing insights into localization, and iLovePDF’s strategy of bringing their products and services to millions of users worldwide through localization into 25 languages.

We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

2 mins read

We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

Redesigns are difficult yet inevitable. If you’ve been to your Crowdin project or profile recently, you should have noticed some changes. Here’s a quick look at what’s new, why we’re changing it up, and a bit of “behind the scenes” for you.

App Store Optimization and Localization: How to Succeed

11 mins read

App Store Optimization and Localization

How many languages do you speak? And how many people you know are bilingual or even multilingual? English is a global language recognized as an official language in around 67 different countries. However, many people that know English still prefer using their native language in everyday life. And this includes using dozens of mobile apps daily.

There are 3 million apps available in Google Play and more than 2 million in Apple App Store. If you want your product to be at the top of this list, it’s time to plan the app localization step and ASO tactics.

This article will cover why and how you can improve your ASO with app localization and what essential aspects of app store optimization strategies you should consider.

What’s New at Crowdin: April 2022

8 mins read

April 2022 Crowdin product updates

This month, Crowdin announced more than 10 new apps, including Paligo, Zapier, Clockify, and Crowdin plugin for Unity. You can also enjoy new versions of translation cost reports per task and new webhooks about finished projects built. Keep reading to take a closer look at the recent updates.

Unity Game Localization with Crowdin Plugin

8 mins read

Unity Game Localization with Crowdin Plugin

Unity is known as a top-notch game development tool. The list of games made with Unity increases every year because the platform is constantly updating.

Whether you are one of Unity’s developers or just planning to join the community, remember the importance of adding a game localization step to your development cycle. Or learn with us how to do it afterward. When done right, game localization gives you a competitive edge and increases your revenue.

In this article, you’ll learn how to translate Unity games with the Crowdin plugin, send your game content from Unity to Crowdin, provide context for your localization team, download completed translations, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to ICU Message Format

13 mins read

The Ultimate Guide to ICU Message Format

ICU message format is certainly one of the standards of translation messages in i18n. This article will cover the ICU and ICU message format basics, its usage in translation, and how Crowdin handles ICU message format.

What’s New at Crowdin: March 2022

9 mins read

March 2022 Crowdin product updates

Crowdin releases new features every month. Here’s a new portion of updates launched this March: we updated Crowdin Store, released new apps, new versions of design plugins and external tools, added new languages to Watson IBM Translate MT, and the ability to search TM records across all TMs in your Crowdin Enterprise organization.

Let’s go through the monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and apps so that you can get most of our both products.

Post-Editing of Machine Translation: Best Practices

10 mins read

Post-Editing of Machine Translation: Best Practices

Each translation and localization project is unique, and so should be your translation approach. Once you decide to implement machine translation (MT), you already guarantee yourself shorter turnaround times and cost reduction. But to maintain the quality of your copy, you’ll need post-editing. This article will focus on what is machine translation post-editing, its types and its benefits.

Node.js i18n: Agile Localization for Developers

10 mins read

Node.js i18n: Agile Localization for Developers

In today’s market, people seek personalization. They expect your app to speak their native language. In this article, we will cover how you can translate your Node.js app using a developer-friendly localization platform. Learn about the i18n framework and how to integrate your repository with a localization system to automate Node.js localization.

3 Lessons on Game Localization from SCS Software

6 mins read

Lessons on Game Localization from SCS Software

SCS Software is a video game development company located in Prague, Czech Republic. The company became famous worldwide thanks to two notable games: American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. SCS Software is also a proud winner of the 2016 Steam Awards in two categories, PC Gamer’s Best Sim 2012 and Czech Game of the Year Technological Solution Award 2016.

Crowdin helps SCS Software manage the localization of their products and Steam Achievements into 47 languages, as more than 70% of their customers are non-English speakers. SCS Software engages its players to be a part of the localization process in Crowdin, which currently has 200+ members.

This article includes the key takeaways and lessons on game localization from the case study we did with SCS Software. Read the full version for more details.

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