Intuitive Way to Add Custom Segmentation for Text-Based Formats

6 mins read

Custom Segmentation for Text-Based Formats

For a non-tech-savvy person, creating an SRX file with the segmentation rules might become a time-consuming task. You need to go through the list of specifications and compose the rules using the XML vocabulary. On the other hand, merging and splitting the strings manually might take an even longer time. Luckily, there’s now an intuitive way to add custom segmentation rules, test, and apply them to similar strings automatically.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at content segmentation, discuss why it is important in localization, and give you step-by-step instructions on how you can quickly add custom segmentation with the Segmentation Rules Generator app.

How to Prepare Content for Localization: 6 Tips

8 mins read

As much as 60% of consumers worldwide ‘rarely or never’ buy from English-only websites. This proves that if you’re looking to enter foreign markets, your content has to be localized. But before that, consider writing for translation and localization from the very beginning.

Read on to discover some writing for translation tips and how you can accelerate the localization process to improve its cost and time efficiency.

What’s New at Crowdin: December 2020 Roundup

9 mins read

Let’s review the last month of the previous year for the updates and new features that will help you automate localization, provide context, and launch multilingual products in 2021 faster.

The key updates released in December include: updates to Source files, Strings, and Tasks API, new versions of CLI, Android Studio plugin, plugins for Adobe XD and Sketch, new and updated Crowdin Apps, improvements to task and user management in both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise, and more.

The Biggest Crowdin Releases of 2020

16 mins read

2020 has been a year of turbulent changes. Sometimes it felt like the events were unfolding with a speed you can hardly follow. Still, we’ve learned a lot and re-evaluated how we approach many things, from global problems to the routine daily workflows. What remained unchanged is the role of technology in everything we do. It has helped us collaborate on our projects wherever we are, stay flexible with our planning, and move towards our goals, no matter what.

We’d like to take a moment and look back at what our team has been onto this year. For us, it was the highest time to give you even more automation possibilities and more functionality for cross-department collaboration so that you could keep launching multilingual products in the new demanding environment with less effort.

Productivity Apps Collection to Localize Faster and Achieve More in 2021

7 mins read

At the end of the year, when achievements are evaluated, and the big goals ahead are all set, we start to look for ways to optimize the usual processes. It’s a great time to rethink how we are doing things daily, and localization processes are not an exception. There’s always a place for improvement.

In localization, we believe productivity depends on how many routine tasks you can automate and the technology you use to do the rest of them. We’ve assembled a collection of Crowdin Apps to help you with the full-scale management of your localization workflow. All of them are free to use and can be installed for your Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise projects.

Website Translation with Crowdin’s JS Proxy App

6 mins read

A multilingual website is a great way to appeal to millions of potential customers around the world. What if we say that website translation does not require busy engineers’ involvement and a tedious preparation process?

Crowdin introduces JS Proxy – technology aimed at helping teams localize websites effortlessly. No manual source content export or translation copy-pasting.

Data-Driven Approach to Translation Quality Evaluation

5 mins read

localization quality assurance app

They say you can’t improve what you can’t measure. A pretty obvious statement that gets trickier if applied to the translation quality control. Localization quality assurance is a complex task that includes linguistic QA, visual QA, functionality QA, and more. You can now cope with the first one easier and get more insights into the contributors’ performance with the Linguistic Quality Assurance app.

Read on to learn how you can configure the app for your Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise projects and track the quality, productivity, and efficiency of translation with the industry-standard metrics.

Development and Localization Running in Parallel: Tips for Developers

7 mins read

To release multilingual products successfully, you’ll need to add localization to your workflow and make sure it’s automated so it won’t delay your next release. With Crowdin, localization can go in parallel with the development process. Meaning that each new text string created or modified by you goes to the translator into the Crowdin project. Translations get back to your repository in a few minutes. This way you’ll have translations once you’re ready to deploy your next update.

What’s New at Crowdin: November 2020 Roundup

13 mins read

Crowdin releases new features every month. Here’s a new portion of handy updates launched this November: we announced Crowdin Store, released new apps, new versions of Crowdin CLI, Android SDK, our plugin for Sketch, added new file formats, and the whole bunch of new features for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise that will simplify localization workflows for your company.

Let’s go through the key November 2020 updates so that you can take most of our both products.

11 Apps to Help You Localize Marketing Content Faster

11 mins read

apps for marketing localization

Marketing teams use combinations of different tools – from marketing automation platforms to content management systems that help them produce relevant content, launch campaigns, and achieve business goals. When it comes to marketing localization, new steps are added to the whole process with every new localization initiative. Not only should now the tools work together, but everyone involved needs access to the latest content, both source and translated.

To avoid the drudgery with files sending back and forth, marketing teams can now use Crowdin integrations with HubSpot, Google Drive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and other systems.

This post will give you a closer look at the app collection for marketing localization on Crowdin Store. These apps will help you manage the localized versions of your blogs, email campaigns, and other content more effectively and stay focused on the marketing localization strategy you pursue.