Celebrating 100,000 Projects on Crowdin

2 mins read

We’re thrilled to share exciting news – there are 100,000 localization projects on Crowdin! Both private and public, small and bigger scale. That span across tech spheres, and are created by teams located worldwide.

It’s not only about the numbers though. This milestone hints at something much bigger – most of these projects are continuous. And it’s mind-blowing to understand how many teams and companies have set up ongoing localization cycles with Crowdin.

Introducing Project Workflows [Crowdin Enterprise 101 Series]

6 mins read

In the previous posts of the Enterprise 101 series, we’ve looked around your new workspace and now move to another exciting aspect of our new product – fully customizable and automated project workflows.

A workflow maps out the content journey within each Crowdin Enterprise project. It consists of the set of steps the source text should go through to get localized. Workflows help achieve more automation and build custom localization scenarios for each project separately. So you can adjust the localization process to all teams and departments involved, as well as all the types of localizable content, and products you build multilingual.

Let’s give workflows on the Crowdin Enterprise a closer look, discuss the basics, and focus on some popular use cases.

Navigating Your Workspace [Crowdin Enterprise 101 Series]

5 mins read

With the launch of Crowdin Enterprise, the localization management experience has been changed forever. The new platform has so many new exciting things so we’re starting the Crowdin Enterprise 101 Series to tell you more about them. You’ll learn best practices and use cases for the new product we’ve built for you, your teams, and your company.

We start with the Workspace, a place where every localization puzzle is brought together. It’s a place where you create and get access to all projects, groups, and localization resources, where you invite vendors, grant accesses, and manage permissions. The UI of the new workspace is designed to give you a clear vision of what’s going on within your organization and quickly access all the things you might want to check, customize, or control.

Meet the New Crowdin Enterprise in Beta

5 mins read

Today, we’re announcing the public beta of our new product – Crowdin Enterprise. A localization solution for your whole company, including non-technical teams. We are excited to help you gain more control over the translation process of your company’s products and related content. Streamline your complex localization workflows with Crowdin Enterprise.

How eXo Platform Speeded up Release Cycles Through Crowdin’s Automation

3 mins read

eXo Platform is an enterprise digital workplace software. eXo helps connect employees, tools, and information in one digital space. When the company decided to expand above English-speaking markets, integrating localization into the development cycle became critical. With Crowdin, the eXo’s tech team got 3X faster release cycles. The company now offers a product available in 20 languages to their global customers.

Add Localization to Your GitHub Workflows With Crowdin Action

1 min read

GitHub Actions give you the flexibility to set up automated software development workflows. Instead of writing lots of scripts, you can create customizable workflows and connect a series of tasks. Like building, testing, releasing, and more. Because localization is an integral part of the development lifecycle, we’ve included Crowdin Action to GitHub Marketplace. You can now add localization to the automated workflow and build multilingual products with the power of automation (read – faster and with less effort).

Open Localization Initiative for COVID-19 Related Projects

2 mins read

In these uncertain times, we are inspired to see the open-source community come together to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Open-source teams work outside the usual arena and collaborate with scientists, journalists, and medical professionals on projects that cover a wide variety of new areas. From informational dashboards to DIY ventilator designs. And we can’t stay aside.

Crowdin launches its initiative for open-source projects that respond to COVID-19 worldwide spread and offers help with localization. If you’re part of such a project or want to help as a contributor, join us.

Azure Repos Integration. Let Localization Keep up With Your Release Cycles

3 mins read

Crowdin integrates with Azure Repos to help you release multilingual versions of your product faster. Sync content between Crowdin and your source code to integrate localization into the development cycle.

Localize feature branches separately from the master branch, while they are still in development. Translators will immediately get notified of the new content to be translated. Files with ready translations will be pushed as pull requests to the l10n branch in Azure Repos repository. Ready to be merged.

New Task Type “Translate by Vendor” Speeds up Collaboration with an Agency

3 mins read

Tasks help you assign people to particular files, get the translation done on time, and split work equally. You can create tasks for the people from your project, also, (and it’s new) you can assign tasks to a translation agency.

Crowdin introduces a new type of integration with translation vendors. To ensure automation, give translators efficient context, and ability to use localization resources available in Crowdin. The new approach also helps to simplify the payment process. One Hour Translation is the first professional translation agency we’re trying out the new type of integration with.

Crowdin for Figma: Design and Prototype for Multiple Markets

4 mins read

Designing for the global audience might get tricky. Especially if you deal with multiple languages, handle the updates all by yourself or can’t test translated mockups before the development starts. Any manual work you do is a waste of time and the last-minute fixes only slow down the release.

With Crowdin for Figma, design teams can now build an efficient localization workflow. Automate routine processes, keep texts in sync, and make sure the translators have the necessary context. Crowdin launches a plugin for Figma to help you add and edit multi-language versions of a prototype. With little less effort and more focus on the work you do best – creating beautiful designs.