Crowdin Hits Half a Million Registered Users!

1 min read

New Localization Vendors: More Translation Opportunities

2 mins read

Translations as most important part of your internationalization effort just got more vendor options in Crowdin.

We’ve picked vendors up carefully considering software translation experience and expertise.

Whitepaper: Hows and Whys of Crowdsourced Translation for Android App Localization

1 min read

Get to know how to:

  • Сrowdsource translations for Android
  • Avoid potential pitfalls
  • Prepare your App for localization process
  • Choose localization technology
  • Find crowd translators
  • Motivate translators
  • …and more

Announcing the Poedit and Crowdin Integration

1 min read

We’re excited to announce a new integration with a Poedit, the legendary translation tool for Gettext resource files.

This integration makes the collaboration for Poedit users way easier. Now every translator that uses Poedit inside of one project, can synchronize his/her work with Crowdin as a central place that manages translations.

Fresh Crowdin’s Editor and New Workflows: Already in Action

2 mins read

Today, we’re releasing new workflows and translation editor that is much more modern and much easier to use.

Overcoming the Challenges of Mobile Game Localization

10 mins read

With Comments from Tom Whiteley, the Producer in Ndemic Creations

Rapid growth of app store popularity becomes a pot of gold for game developers. Now it is so easy to make your games accessible for million of people worldwide, just with one click in app store and its transfer your game to a part of the progressive $26,3 billion global mobile game market (Global Games Market Report Newzoo, 2014).

Custom Languages, New Wordcount Algorithm, Improved Reports and More

3 mins read

Custom Languages

It was one of the most frequently requested features. From now on, you as a manager can create custom target languages. The usual use cases:

  • Adding not real languages (like Pirate English, LOLCAT, Klingon, etc.). Quite popular in tech geek communities and gaming world.
  • For rarely used dialects. Yes, Crowdin might not support some of them.
  • Not translation purposes. Sometimes our customers use the extra languages for proofreading of source texts or similar things, now it’s much easier to add those languages.

There is indeed a language that is not yet supported by Crowdin, so now you can add it.

New Prices. Beta is Over. Moving to the .com Domain

2 mins read

Today we are announcing a price increase for Crowdin.

Here’s the new pricing structure:

Personal plans

Organization plans

All existing customers will be able to maintain their original prices indefinitely. Plan upgrades will be available at the new prices.

July Update: New Features

3 mins read

Gross domestic product (GDP) of the USA in average grows for 3% per year. This is quite a tempo, and the index is pretty much the same among all developed countries.

What interesting is that this growth is almost entirely about technological progress.

With innovation and automation, people have wider possibilities and more time to produce more goods. And yes, this macroeconomics principle can be applied to any business.

Here at Crowdin we try to automate and optimize every single step during localization to save your time and resources. We keep the principle in mind each time we develop a new feature.

So we’re excited to share some recent improvements within Crowdin. in Crowdin: Success Story

3 mins read is the biggest online social networking for chess players. Over 8 millions of chess fans with all skills level hanging together to play, learn, teach, communicate and share.

Observing their success in managing translation projects for mobile application, we decided to talk to localization leader Erik and summarize a good localization practice into short overview easy to follow.

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