GitLab. One More Integration to Our List!

1 min read

Crowdin and GitLab are working together to speed up, elaborate, and advance your localization process.

New Crowdin CLI is Coming!

2 mins read

Crowdin is ready to present a tool we’ve been working on quite a time – brand new CLI client based on Java technology intended to simplify your files syncing.

ICU Syntax in Crowdin

3 mins read

Wonderful news to welcome: up from now Crowdin is even more accessible to internationalization and localization! We implemented the best ICU syntax support on the market, considerably mature localization tool, which can advance high-quality translations for your projects. Just check it out!

Crowdin Integration with Desk!

1 min read

Great news for Crowdin & Desk users!

Crowdin and are in the same league which means a mitigation of the pitfalls that users experience when trying to deal with translations of the Knowledge base.

Crowdin Now Integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket!

2 mins read

Developers and localization managers are the part of one tight unit now, because Crowdin integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket for all the organizational Crowdin subscriptions!

This means that all the new texts from pull requests are sent to localization at no time, all the translations are downloaded automatically and available for review at GitHub or Bitbucket and all this is synchronized and automated.

Preview of the In-built QA Check Tool

2 mins read

Today, we are announcing the in-built QA check tool. It will help your proofreaders do not waste their efforts, guarantee higher quality of translations, and save your manager’s time.

Crowdin on Your Mobile!

2 mins read

Quickly translate few strings or answer translator’s question on the go - this is where mobile interface is useful most of all. Translation issues and comments, task managements alongside with proofreading are now much easier to handle from your phone.

New Feature: Versions Management

2 mins read

The new Version Control feature we introduce today can significantly reduce the delay “after development before deploy” that usually agile companies struggle with. Time saving is achieved by letting translators work in parallel to developers. Generally speaking, every string created or modified by developer becomes available to translator almost immediately. Even if there are several teams working on different improvements.

Crowdin Hits Half a Million Registered Users!

1 min read

New Localization Vendors: More Translation Opportunities

2 mins read

Translations as most important part of your internationalization effort just got more vendor options in Crowdin.

We’ve picked vendors up carefully considering software translation experience and expertise.

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