In-Context Localization Tool

3 mins read

Crowdin gives wide range of possibilities to provide contextual information to translators. We allow to upload screenshots to show where the text segment is being used in real product, comment segments, create glossary to highlight and explain important terms, collaborate on choosing best translation and more.

Today, after more than 6 months of active development, we release the public beta of our brand new In-Context localization tool for web applications called JIPT (Just In Place Translations).

JIPT allows translators to do their work right in the live application, immediately preview translation in original context thus produce best possible quality localization. All of the texts that are visible in browsers can be translated this way (including ones stored in the database).

Graphic Assets Localization Management

2 mins read

When the localization is completed all the imperfections are polished and every single text fits to the space it belongs to, it frequently appears that it is not really the end.

In fact, screenshots, logos and other non-textual materials with text on them remain untranslated.

To reduce the pain the one is feeling thinking about those graphics localization, we developed the solution to organize the process.

Crowdin Academic License and Recent Improvements

1 min read

Lately we decided to make the world a better place and created special licenses for educational institutes

There are 2 types of licenses.

  1. Open Academic License is being provided completely free of charge but requires created projects to be open and publicly available
  2. Private Academic License is half price regular Crowdin subscription

Story About Crowdin Machine Translations and Other Outstanding News

2 mins read

Have you ever feel inspired? If yes, you know how the inspiration could be: once you inspired no one can stop you from doing a lot of beautiful things.

And the inspiration given by customers’ positive feedback motivate our team to conquer the tops of localization dreams.

I am excited to present improvements that make Crowdin one of a kind.

5 Tips on How to Get Crowdsourcing Up and Running

4 mins read

Crowdsourcing is not just a long funny word, it is also localization trend. Did you manage to try it yet?

Most of Crowdin customers did, and after observing thousands of successfully localized projects we realized that it would be great to analyze some accumulated experience on how to motivate volunteers and share it with our precious readers. Here are some ideas we came up with in getting all this tricky motivation organization without a lot of efforts and money wasting.

July at Crowdin

2 mins read

“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” said unknown.

I don’t know how about you, but I would like to live in the world with no hard work at all.

The place where only positive and favourite jobs are all over the globe. Where all the time and efforts do not matter as long as the job makes you happy.

Crowdin is pleased to announce that growing number of people keep finding their favourite jobs in our company and, actually, take a chance to be absolutely completely happy with what they do even in late night hours of deadline.

Professional Translations at Crowdin

1 min read

Typical question of most of you after starting the Crowdin project was “How to get translators for my project”. Since Crowdin is crowdsourcing management platform we offered you to invite your communities/partners/colleagues to help with the translation. Still, sometimes it’s not enough.

When deadline is close and quality is critical you realize that the only way to proceed is to involve professionals. That brought additional expenses for organization and management process.

Another usual situation. Project is particularly translated by volunteers and considering close deadline you need to finish translation or just make sure crowd-made translations are of appropriate quality.

We can keep on counting the cases when support of professional linguists were required. Forget all those challenges. We’re excited to announce the solution today. Simple and automated as usual.

Jubilee Summing up

2 mins read

Ladies and Gentlemen!

*here goes ceremonial music*

Let me announce that Crowdin is celebrating!

*ceremonial music changes to rock-n-roll :)*

Last Thursday 100,000 users considered Crowdin as the best translation management service.

Major Improvements in DOCX and XML Files Support

2 mins read

Hi there!

You definitely have been waiting for the new post to appear, I got it from your eyes :)

We have some great news to share.

Our technical department is like a assembly of magician that code their magic all over Crowdin and every minute they make our service the most comfortable localization place for your applications.

Here I’m going to describe some magic tricks that you probably do not notice at once but will obviously notice dealing with .xml or .docx files.

New “Undo” Feature in Project Activity Feed

2 mins read

You definitely had those minutes when you realize that unexpectedly all your solid efforts fall off the edge of the earth, or your work is so messed up that the only way to fix it is to start from the very beginning.

You could upload translation file for the wrong language or some of your evil translators spoiled the beautiful translation process by doing wrong translations.

There is no way you are going to experience those with Crowdin because we took care about your composure and comfort. New feature is entirely ready to make your project completely accurate and mess-free.

We call it “Activity Undo”, because it magically abolish all unnecessary and nonsensical actions of inexperienced translators, upset proofreaders or sleepy project managers (that is probably you) that made some fuzzy translation, votes, approvals or uploads.

You can monitor all the project activities and cancel actions you do not like or appreciate. You can be brutally honest to those actions that do not fit the concept of your project.

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